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Special Education and Transportation

Special Education is the small name for a huge umbrella of services that Council Rock provides to its student population.  While CR is known for its outstanding curriculum for children with severe mental and physical disabilities, Special Education also provides help for students who have minor issues with speech, math, reading… the gamut runs across the entire spectrum of student needs. Interestingly, the Humanities program for gifted students also falls under this umbrella.

An Introduction (Spring, 2011)

Laws and Regulations (Spring, 2011)

Delivery of Curriculum (Spring, 2011)

The Cost of Special Education (Spring, 2011)


Transportation is provided for all students in Council Rock whether they attend a Council Rock school or a private or parochial school, within 10 miles from a Council Rock boundary line.

The Big Yellow Buses and More – Council Rock Transportation (Spring 2014)

Safely Transporting Students as State Transportation Subsidies Decline (Spring 2014)

In the Numbers – Bus Ride Times (Spring 2014)


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