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Facilities, Enrollment and Class Sizes


Council Rock maintains 15 school buildings, the Chancellor Administrative Center, a maintenance facility (Twining Ford), a leased facility (LSAC) housing the Sloan Alternative School, Twilight Program, ACHIEVE Program and the district’s technology department. It is also responsible for two bus depots, one in Wrightstown and one in Newtown.

Enrollment and Building Capacities

In order to put the student population in perspective, the size of the school buildings, the number of classrooms and trailers becomes relevant.


Tracking Class Sizes

The school district compiles and displays data on the number of elementary classes by grade and class size on its website. In addition, there is also aggregate data on the number of students at each of the middle and high schools. To supplement that information, Citizens For Education also tracks class sizes by grade and level of rigor at the middle and high schools. This data reveals any trends that might be occurring in any of the schools, and also disparities from one school to another.

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