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In its mission statement, Citizens For Education declares as its objective “to ensure a quality education for all students of the Council Rock School District.”  Much of the evidence of good educational practices occurs in the classroom and the structure of that classroom is its curriculum. Citizens For Education researches the implementation of new programs in specific subject areas, as well as the design and execution of curricular practices. Citizens also tracks the academic success of the district’s curriculum through standardized test scores.

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Course Rigor and the Accelerated Program

At the high school level, there are five different levels of rigor in the curriculum. They are: AP, Honors, Accelerated, Academic and Foundations. However, there may not be all five levels offered in a given subject area or grade level.

Citizens For Education believes that accelerated classes are an ideal way to address the needs of the students who aren’t quite up to the challenge of honors level, yet feel they can work at a faster pace than at the academic level.

Over the last several years, there have been changes in the accelerated program, along with a restructuring of weighted grades, GPA’s, and student rank that has affected the program. Currently, there are no accelerated classes for World Language (eliminated in 2009), and only one elective class in Social Studies.

The following articles follow the evolution of the changes that have occurred.

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