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The Counseling departments within school districts play a pivotal role in the well being of the whole student. One of our major objectives, adding counselors to the staff at the elementary level, was acheived in the fall of 2004. Since the additon at that time of 2 counselors, the district has added another 6 counselors to provide services in the 10 elementary schools.

While the counselors play different roles depending on the needs of the student at each level, it becomes even more complex at the high school level, where students not only have to deal with day to day issues, but also their post secondary worlds in college and in careers. Citizens For Education has long advocated for a College Admissions specialist to be on staff. A specialist would position CR to better compete with the top high schools in the nation and comparable high acheiving schools in the area. It would also take a large burden off the counseling staff, allowing those professionals to focus on the myriad of other challenges facing our high school students.

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