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Citizens Accomplishments

Citizens For Education (CFE) has been advocating for quality education in Council Rock for over 23 years. CFE’s efforts to better inform and increase the involvement of Council Rock Community in the decision making process has helped better the School District. Are you aware of the many things this organization has done? Here’s a list of our top 11 achievements through the years:

  1. Council Rock High School-South – CFE was the earliest (since 1994) and most persistent voice for the building of a second High School. Through years of public comment at school board meetings, informational leafleting to the community and neighborhood “coffees,” our members kept the focus on this issue. In March 1997, the board finally approved the building, which opened in September 2002.
  2. Council Rock North Renovations – When North’s renovations were being considerably scaled back, or not complete enough to ensure the full scope of safety, security and operations as initially proposed, Citizens lobbied at Board meetings and distributed flyers numerous times to the public. This helped ensure needed improvements during the renovation.
  3. Class Size Reductions –  CFE continually highlighted the issue of growing class sizes, resulting in a Class Size Committee being commissioned. Two of the committee’s recommendations were implemented as District policy. Reductions were implemented for the smaller class sizes that now benefit the current students in K-6, who had classes from as high as 32 in a class in the upper elementary grades. Though mainly concentrating at that time on the elementary level, CFE continues to track class sizes and their educational appropriateness especially at the secondary level.
  4. Weighting of High School Accelerated Classes – CFE, along with parents and students successfully advocated for the district to weight Accelerated high school classes when calculating the weighted GPA.
  5. Middle Level – CFE promoted a change from a Jr. High to a Middle Level Curriculum that emphasizes team-teaching. Yet, when the Administration proposed a re-configuration that would put grades 6-8 into over-crowded middle schools, CFE lobbied hard against this plan. As a result, grades 7 and 8 are now in more enrollment-appropriate building environments.
  6. Music – In 2001, the District appeared intent on removing instrumental music group practices and chorus programs in the elementary schools from the instructional day, to before/after school, or during recess. So that parents could be part of the decision process, CFE distributed 3,000 flyers at school concerts that included Council Rock’s music participation data and information about music education. This helped to keep the music program offerings as part of instructional school day.
  7. Voter Registration – With the High School Political Science Clubs, CFE conducts voter registration drives every year at each high school. This service helps students who turn 18 during the school year easily register to vote and pick up absentee ballot request forms. Last year, over 250 students registered.
  8.  Health/PE/Electives Change – CFE dialogued with staff and the administration, lobbied School Directors, and brought to the attention of parents, issues surrounding CR’s Health/PE requirements. This precipitated a change in graduation requirements that will allow students in the graduation classes of 2009 and beyond to take more electives than in prior years.
  9. Counseling – For many years, CFE has kept a strong focus on strengthening all areas of counseling, and many improvements that have taken place, including the addition of elementary counselors. CFE remains committed to lobbying for a full-time, full-year College Placement Specialist to aide students and the counselors navigate the ever-changing admissions criteria so CR students are better poised to gain admissions into the competitive colleges for which they are qualified.
  10. Charter Schools – CFE researched the educational and fiscal implications of charter schools in CR, and published the information in membership newsletters, and publicly distributed flyers. Lobbied school board directors to reject Mosaic Corp.’s Legacy Charter School application to put a Charter School in Council Rock’s district boundaries (twice), minimizing the amount of Charter School tuition being siphoned from the Council Rock budget.
  11. Safety Advocacy – CFE is unrelenting in its advocacy for funding and implementation of School Safety in Council Rock. CFE supported the completion of the recommendations of the Safety Task Force of Spring 2000, and is committed to monitoring that the district keeps Safety best-practices as a priority.

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